LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Commander App Reviews

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Vary useful for me and my battle bot I win almost every time and that is because of the good quality and control that I get from this app.

I can’t even connect

Please help me I’m on an iPhone 6plus it will not connect to my brick.

I don’t like robots

Are teacher makes us use this app and I really hope this app gets taken down 🖕🏽🖕🏽


I dont the app but five stars

Great for Kids!

I love this app my student constantly use the app. It inspires creativity. Also kids learn robotics in a fun way. Keep it up LEGO!

Controls are atrocious

Too many bugs, in desperate need of updates. Controls are too sensitive overall. Needs a D-pad control and sensitivity adjustment.

Really cool

This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! The robot is really cool to use and play with but the everstorm controls are really really hard to use but besides that it really cool


In its launch, I purchased an original Mindstorms RCX set. At the time, I appreciated the elements and the sensors and motives, but found the brick and the sw unusable. History repeats itself. No backlit LCD. I made a front lit LED. This is supposed to be a review of the app, but the app relies on hw. Cant a firmware update for the brick include resetting the 15-30-60-never timer with a button press? Its so simple to make this product better. I guess Lego would prefer to make us wait for the next, but EV3 is just like RCX so what is there to wait for? I hope Lego USA figures out that people, young and old are quickly annoyed by screen animations and 400MB downloads. They would not be using it if they were not sold, so stop selling and bring thoughtfulness.

How this app could be improved

I like lego mindstorms, it is awesome but I can't say the same for the app. First the build your own controller workspace is too small. Second there are some severe problems with connectivity, sometimes I will let go of the controls and the robot will continue to move, last I think that there should be programmable buttons for the custom controller. Other than that it is a good app.


This app is horrible cause I dont understand whats it says

Something is up with this app.

I tried pairing my iPad with my Lego Mindstorms Track3r, but it screen froze my mindstorm and the lights on it turned off. There is a major virus in this. Please fix it.


Used to pair- now doesn't right now. Be neat if this app could be used with the iwatch like sphero force band.

Why not Nxt I have a nxt but the app only works for Ev3

I doesn't work for nxt

Used to work

After updating to firmware 1.09H the app no longer connects. There is still a Bluetooth connection, but not one that is recognized within the app

Does the latest EV3 pair with iPhone/iPad at all?

I'm using latest firmware 1.09E. Cannot truly connect to Bluetooth in commander or programmer on iPhone or iPad to control the robot. However naked Bluetooth connection on MacBook macOS works. Am I alone. Very little info on google or people shying post failures?

Retarded piece of crap

The app has no shut-off switch if a motor receives too much torque. I shattered a gear and now my only medium motor is trashed. Thanks a ton. Biggest piece of crap

Good app but not enough functions

This is a good app, but can you add more functions such as the motors?

|||||||||||||||||Best app||||||||||||||||||\|||||||¥

It a good app because you don't need to touch the brick



Great/ Needs more controls

SPIK3R- needs more moving/action control And the other robots to


Didn't work it is awful

Can't open app

I downloaded the app and it won't open how do I fix it?

Great App

Works great! It works way better then the controller, and so far has had no connection problems or lag.


The controls are great but you need to make creating a program easier.

Ugly new icon+needs speed control

I'll sum up my complaints. The icon is terrible. Change it back. It makes the app seem low-tech and dry. Also add speed control for the motors. My Lego buggy went too slow and my Lego robotic arm goes way too fast. Programming on the computer is easy, but it's WAY better to be able to control it manually especially with cars. Overall 5 stars. The app is good👌🏼but could be improved👍🏻.


You can control the robot you creat with one simple app

Great app

Needs one feature: when you tilt the iPod it would be nice if the motor of the EV3 would also tilt the same number of degrees.


There's nothing on the Internet, website, or app that will help me!!! It won't connect! I have the latest software and I've tried everything trying to connect! It keeps on repeating: "Connection error" no matter what I do I'm not able to connect with Bluetooth! Help Me!!!


Really fun and useful!

Apple watch support

Please add apple watch control!!


My father just brought me a Lego Mindstorm Ev3 just today and It was so easy to build. Since I want to try the remote control on the iOS, I download the app and it was easy to connect. It did work and it was awesome. I wish I can rate more than 5 stars. :D

Won't Download

I tried to download it, but it just won't!

Great for...

Great for a robot you made that isn't very easy to program, however those of you who OLBY use this shouldn't have a mindstorms EV3 because the whole purpose of the product is the programming


Best app ever! you can do WAY MORE than if you use the EV3 remote. If you see this revew and have EV3 robots, GET THIS APP!!!!!!! :)


If you don't want to program anything this is perfect

Works very well

Easy to set up and fun to play with!

Needs improvement

So on the custom control panel, i see infrared, color, and touch sensors. Where is ultrasonic and gyro?


This app has all the instructions for the hero robots,etc

Great app

Great app. Love free styling with my robot


I just got an EV3 and I really don't want to program it, so I downloaded this and BAM!!!! I don't have to!!

Nice remote control for Lego Mindstorms

This is a nice app and in particular a very nice idea to use an iPhone as a remote control for the Lego Mindstorms. It's a bit tricky that you need to change the bluetooth settings on the Lego EV3 brick to switch between computer and iPhone every time. That's somewhat annoying but at least doable. The other strange part is that only some of the default robots have remote controls. The other robots that the Lego Mindstorms box comes with have no remote controls. There is a nice custom editor with which you can easily create what you want. But there's not enough space to develop fancy controls because all buttons take up huge real estate on screen. Smaller buttons would be nice to have. Despite those quirks, though, this app is a good idea, and maybe playing with it some more could make it work. BTW: the remotes you developed will be stashed all the way to the right. So you don't need to recreate them every time. Also if you want infrared and bluetooth control at the same time, just make sure to start a program that reacts to infrared before using the bluetooth iPhone app. Then both work simultaneously. Bluetooth connection works like a charm but there's some surprising steps in the procedure that are necessary. Like enabling iPhone on the Lego EV3 brick.


I love this app so much it has always been working for me and I enjoy a lot! A couple things though, you should be able to use the voice command for more than 20 times a day because I really like that feature. Second, I have the programming software on my computer but my computer is from 2007 so it is REALLY slow, so if you could make that programming software available as an app that would be awesome!!!! In the end great job with it!!😃😃😃😃

Doesn't work

Doesn't work.

Doesn't work!

Doesn't work no matter what I do.

Can't connect.

I downloaded the app,Followed ALL the steps to link via Bluetooth,and it hasn't worked.Ive double,triple,and quadruple checked and I can't find out why.


I couldn't use it cause I don't have the kind of mind storm program that they are saying I have to use, other then that It was hard to use.

Could use improvements.

The overuse of animations get old. With the color sensor it only shows light not color. There should be an option to change that.

This is great with newer devices, but...

I like this app, it works on my dad’s iPhone 5, but when I connect my iPod 4 to it, the commander app thinks I haven’t. I don’t know what’s wrong.

Beautiful, but...

I use this every day to make awesome fighting, racing and throwing robots, however the lack of room on the workspace prevents me from doing all or even a few of those things at once. Don't get me wrong, I'm a massively satisfied fan of this app. I just think it is severely limited in the state it is in now, a look forward to future updates that may, at the very least, allow me the same level of control with my own creations as I do with products such as the everstorm.

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